Workforce Solutions
Bartech offers a variety of workforce solutions including:
  • Managed Services ProgramsWe help companies transform their contingent labor plan from a tactical approach into a strategic solution. We provide strategy, direction, tactics and enabling technology in a way that aligns recruiting efforts with custom corporate strategic goals. Benefits include: improved processes and policy compliance, cost savings opportunities, business intelligence to assist decision making and risk mitigation.
  • Managing Vendor Solutions - Bartech will support your business workflows for enabling supplier profiling, requisition or order creation and distribution, candidate submissions, on- and off-boarding, time and expense keeping, consolidated billing, reporting, and more.
  • Statement of Work Management - Providing visibility and on/off-boarding validation for all non-direct workers that are on our clients’ property, regardless of how they are procured. For complex categories of services spend, Bartech provides solution facilitation as well as strategic decision support and solution transparency. Similar to the staff augmentation process, Statement of Work (SOW) solutions include supplier management, requisition facilitation, contract writing, negotiations, invoicing and settlement support services.
  • Staff Augmentation Bartech is a recognized expert in the development, implementation and management of workforce programs for large users of contingent staff. We provide end-to-end, technology-enabled solutions that encompass all worker categories and eliminate the many risks associated with decentralized, manual contingent labor procurement.
  • High-Volume, MSP/VMS Staffing – Through the Bartech Recruitment Center—a ground-breaking talent acquisition center focused entirely on our clients' MSP/VMS contingent staffing needs—Bartech addresses high-volume, multi-geography professional hiring needs in the areas of engineering, finance, IT and customer support/service.
  • Traditional Staff Augmentation - Bartech also addresses professional staffing needs outside of MSP/VMS solutions. We work directly with Human Resources and hiring managers to fulfill professional staffing requirements for engineering, finance, IT and customer support/service.
  • Alternative Recruiting Solutions – This includes contingent talent that you already know; for example the “pooling” of internal talent (alumni, retiree, referral, former employees, intern) and external (contract, temporary, SOW) talent pools of relationships that you already have - are leveraged to meet ever-changing needs.
  • Private Label Sourcing – Private label sourcing simply means using in-network talent for temporary work. The advantages are that they are pre-screened, know the company culture, reduction in turnover and reduces cycle time to hire. This tactic has proven to reduce workforce acquisition costs by up to 40% by assessing skills and re-assigning departing talent.
  • Bulk Direct-hire – This is our permanent staffing agency with executive recruiters providing staffing solutions to source the candidates with the right experience and background to meet your bulk hiring needs. Our recruiters focus on the best available talent and work for the best solution.
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) – A form of Business Process Outsourcing where a client entrusts us to manage all or part of their recruitment processes. Bartech assumes ownership, and management of the results agreed to with the client. By acting as your internal recruitment function from recruitment through onboarding and reporting, we are able to improve your time to hire, increase quality of candidates, provide verifiable metrics and reduce cost as well as improve compliance. Bartech provides a unique bundling of enabling technology and services that provides a true end-to-end recruitment solution. Bartech will ensure consistent quality of services by using best practice methodologies built into strategies, employment brand, sourcing, recruiting, hiring, and metrics collection. Should a client need enabling technology, Bartech will partner with one of our technology partners or leverage existing in-house technology to maximize fixed assets. In addition we will partner with you for unsurpassed solution delivery, adding advisory services from our relationship management organization.
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – Bartech helps businesses strategically address back office needs and increase operational efficiency through world-class Business Process Outsourcing solutions. The Bartech BPO solutions team is made up of gifted senior consultants who offer both extensive hands-on experiences in their areas of functional expertise as well as comprehensive training in classical consulting industry methodologies and processes. Their knowledge combined with best practice-based solution planning, execution and management has made Bartech a partner in operational excellence and increased competitiveness to leading Global 1000 businesses.
  • Consulting – Bartech is able to provide senior business and industry consultants to help our clients plan and optimize back office and workforce management functions. Bartech’s senior consultants are trusted business partners who play critical roles in the analysis, planning and optimization of the back office and workforce management functions of our global clientele. Our consulting teams work hand-in-hand with department heads and executive leaders to identify goals, analyze challenges, develop tactical plans and implement solutions for realizing major, measurable business enhancements. Areas of expertise include: Human Resources, Workforce Management, Customer Support, Engineering, Information Technology, and Supply Chain Management.
  • Independent Contractor (IC) Services – Bartech will lead companies through the complex and cumbersome process of worker classification with a standard, consistent practice for evaluating, engaging and managing Independent Contractors. To help reduce the risk and cost of worker misclassification, Bartech offers Independent Contractor Solutions which include detailed evaluation and decision support; compliance file systems; invoicing and settlement; industry best practices; and training.
  • Identification Management – Bartech provides an integrated, streamlined method of tracking, validating and classifying the non-employee workforce – managing the on/off-boarding process and mitigating risk.
  • Employment Screening Solutions – Bartech will not only assist with finding top talent, but is capable of handling all employment screening – from pre-interviewing to prescreening requirements such as drug screening, background checks, enrollment documentation or job specific tests. Additionally, we have partnered with ProveIt! for employee assessments – providing software skills tests for over 400 proprietary tests, depending on need. We have experience with highly regulated business requirements as well, including a process for addressing federal contracts necessitating security clearance requirements.
  • Payroll Solutions - Bartech offers direct and partnered Payroll Service solutions to meet our clients’ unique requirements. Our approach includes strategic selection and oversight of the Payroll Services solution, and leverages client spend for premium service delivery.
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