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Staffing Solutions
Flexible Resources, Professional Skills, Powerful Results

At Bartech, our staff augmentation skills are as sophisticated as our clients’ talent needs. We are experts in both high-volume professional contingent labor as well as targeted, low-volume staffing.

  • High-Volume Staffing – Through the Bartech Recruitment Center—a ground-breaking talent acquisition center focused entirely on our clients' MSP/VMS contingent staffing needs—Bartech addresses high-volume, multi-geography professional hiring needs in the areas of IT, engineering, finance, professional and customer support/service.
  • Traditional Staff Augmentation - Bartech also addresses professional staffing needs outside of MSP/VMS solutions. We work directly with HR and hiring managers to fulfill professional staffing requirements for IT, engineering, finance, professional and customer support/service.

As longtime experts in overseeing MSP/VMS programs for leading businesses, we have honed a powerful and rigorous recruiting engine. Our clients rely on us to deliver skilled specialists and experienced team members who contribute to business success.

Skills Focus – Who Do We Staff?
From engineers and developers to project managers, accountants and help desk specialists, we carefully recruit and place seasoned and sought-after business professionals whose unique skills will bolster the teams they join. Our skills-focus includes IT, engineering, finance, professional and customer support/service desk. We have veteran teams of recruiters who focus by industry and skill group, ensuring the best placement for the company, role and work.

How We Staff
Knowing that businesses leverage flexible staff in a variety of ways and for a wide-range of engagements, Bartech is equally flexible in its delivery of staffing solutions. We place skilled individuals and teams of professionals in any of the following roles:

  • Contract-based roles
  • Contract-to-hire roles
  • Direct hire

What Makes Bartech Staff Augmentation Different

  • The Bartech Recruitment Center is a one-of-a-kind hub for talent acquisition where skilled recruiters focus on fulfilling the high-volume, niche and multi-geography staffing needs of clients worldwide.
  • Innovative Engagement Strategies drive our talent acquisition efforts. From our deep candidate networks to social media recruiting, Bartech leverages a wide range of tools and resources to find top candidates.
  • We specialize in MSP/VMS program solutions, which means we can deftly handle staffing needs of all sizes, all geographies and varying complexities.
  • Established “Ready” Candidate Pipelines of talented resources, screened and prepared to start immediately in multiple skill areas in IT, engineering, finance, professional and customer support.
  • An Applicant Tracking System that houses a million plus resumes of candidates that are contacted and refreshed on a regular basis to confirm availability and update skills and experience.
  • Our Employee Care Center serves Bartech employees worldwide, ensuring they have the workplace resources—from HR to training—they need to do their jobs.

The Benefits of Bartech Staff Augmentation

  • Speed – Rapid access to highly skilled, well vetted professionals.
  • Experience – Successfully recruiting skilled professionals for leading businesses for 35+ years.
  • Leadership – Leader in the MSP/VMS program space because of our steadfast dedication to excellence in recruitment, service, management and employee support.
  • Knowledge – Decades in the industries we support. We know the work, we know the business and we understand the talent you need.
  • Respect – A great respect for the consultants we place and the work we do. This has made us an employer consultants trust.
To learn more about Bartech workforce management, staffing, BPO and consulting solutions, call 800.824.2962 or email bartechinfo@bartechgroup.com.
Staff Augmentation