Managed Service Provider
Unifying MSP Staffing, IC, Payroll, SOW & Procurement Services

At Bartech, we know that a contingent workforce is only as efficient and productive as the processes and people that manage it. A recognized leader in the development and delivery of workforce management solutions, Bartech has built a global, scalable talent acquisition platform for managing high-volume professional staffing needs. We deliver vendor neutral Managed Service Provider (MSP) programs that are powered by world-class Vendor Management System (VMS) technologies. Our vendor neutral approach to workforce needs provides our clients the advantage of solution objectivity and integrity through the complete elimination of conflicts of interest. With an emphasis on risk mitigation, Bartech specializes in policy development and compliance, process standardization, workflow automation, supplier administration and rate management strategies.

An MSP Pioneer and Innovator
As one of the first firms to offer vendor neutral MSP services, Bartech is well known as an industry innovator and thought leader. We continue to build upon our success since 1998, when we first started delivering our workforce management solutions. While the industry has grown and advanced, Bartech proudly continues to lead among our competitors, always leading in innovation, efficiency and client-focused excellence.

Global Unified Talent Acquisition Platform
Leveraging a proprietary MSP solution model, Bartech's Global Unified Talent Acquisition Platform serves as an objective third party administrator that delivers solution value through program management, oversight, strategic recommendations, compliance management, analytics and technology optimization. Serving all geographies, Bartech is also known for providing the very best local solutions by strategically adjusting to each location’s volume, requirements and readiness.

Managed Solutions
Bundled or individual managed services are offered through Bartech’s Global Unified Talent Acquisition Platform that includes:

  • Traditional Staff Augmentation MSP – Bartech is a recognized expert in the development, implementation and management of workforce programs for large users of contingent staff. We provide end-to-end, technology-enabled solutions that encompass all worker categories and eliminate the many risks associated with decentralized, manual contingent labor procurement.
  • Statement of Work MSP – For complex categories of services spend, Bartech provides solution facilitation as well as strategic decision support and solution transparency. Similar to the staff augmentation process, Statement of Work (SOW) solutions include supplier management, requisition facilitation, contract writing, negotiations, invoicing and settlement support services.
  • Services Procurement - Our offering provides visibility and on/off-boarding validation for all non-direct workers that are on our customers’ property, regardless of how they are procured (i.e., outsourced projects, janitorial, cafeteria, etc.) Bartech mitigates the exposure of risk organizations to having outsourced workers on their property with inappropriate access and screening.
  • Independent Contractor Solutions – To help reduce the risk and cost of worker misclassification, Bartech offers Independent Contractor Solutions which include detailed evaluation and decision support; compliance file systems; invoicing and settlement; industry best practices; and training.
  • Payroll Services – Bartech offers direct and partnered Payroll Service solutions to meet our clients’ unique requirements. Our approach includes strategic selection and oversight of the Payroll Services solution, and leverages client spend for premium service delivery.
  • Business Process Outsourcing - Helping businesses strategically address back office needs and increase operational efficiency through world-class Business Process Outsourcing solutions.
  • Consulting - Providing senior business and industry consultants to help our clients plan and optimize back office and workforce management functions.

Delivering Powerful, Enduring Business Results
Leading businesses and global innovators trust Bartech to streamline, automate and oversee their contingent workforce operations because of our experience, our long track record of success and, most importantly, our ability to convert workforce management excellence into lasting results that benefit the entire business:

  • Lower workforce Total Cost of Ownership
  • Reduced contingent workforce risk
  • Greater process and management efficiency
  • Higher workforce productivity
  • Increased access to emerging skills
  • Greater operational flexibility
  • Ability to cost effectively adapt to client and market demands
  • Immediate access to valuable workforce data and metrics

Serving All Industries
Bartech has spent years refining and improving our MSP expertise. The result is a highly adaptable process for workforce management that configures successfully across all industries. We bolster that adaptability with team members who have extensive vertical market and industry experience as well as Bartech’s Functional Centers of Excellence model, which is focused on serving the unique needs of each company and workforce.

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Contingent Workforce Management