How We Deliver
The Most Advanced Client-centric Solutions Available

Bartech solutions and services are delivered based on the unique challenges and size of each client. From large, sophisticated managed services and business process outsourcing solutions to project-specific staffing and consulting, Bartech expertly aligns service delivery to business objectives and market conditions.

This commitment to delivering custom, flexible and client-centric solutions has resulted in innovative tools and methodologies we apply to the implementation and management of our solutions.

Our tools include:

  • Bartech Contract Gateway: Web-based tool to automate the creation of RFxs, SOWs and general template based documents that provides expanded value of our SOW MSP that provides facilitation, decision support, and transparency into complex categories of services spend.

  • Independent Contractor Evaluation Dashboard: The quantitative element to our contractor evaluations where we assess a risk score in the form of a numerical reading. Along with performing a holistic qualitative review, the combination provides comfort to our clients that our recommendations mitigates risks associated with using Independent Contractors.

Our methodology includes:

  • Functional Centers of Excellence
    Our Functional Centers of Excellence approach to delivery incorporates resources with specialized skills in a shared services approach.

    For our Workforce Management solutions, this includes our front office, which specializes in staffing and customer service along with our back office, which specializes in reporting, analytics, technology, compliance, auditing, supply base management and implementation.
  • APEX (Applied Experience)
    APEX is our proprietary methodology for planning, implementing and overseeing enterprise-scale workforce management, staffing, business process outsourcing and consulting solutions. APEX stands for Applied Experience and refers to our commitment to applying the rich experience of our consulting teams and the vast knowledge of the workforce management experts who lead our business to every engagement we have—no matter how large or small.

    APEX is also a key aspect of our hiring strategy. Our teams are rich in gifted, skilled and highly experienced professionals who bring business and industry knowledge to the job. We value experience, whether cultivated over our decades of workforce management experience or brought to our organization through industry work and success.
  • Employee Care Center
    Each of our contractors is assigned an Employee Care Center representative, who is tasked exclusively with ensuring that both the worker and the company have access to a single point of contact for a seamless experience. A noted industry differentiator, the Employee Care Center increases productivity, loyalty and engagement while decreasing error, misinformation and burden on the employer.

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How We Deliver